So long, 2019. Welcome 2020!

I remember many years ago when New Year’s Eve was a time for celebration and comradery with my friends and loved ones. A simpler time when life wasn’t complicated. But our situations change, our children get older, as do we.

Each New Year’s Eve, my dearest friend Mary and I would look at each other and ask, “Where do you think we will be one year from now”? We had both been through difficult times, so our musings were filled with both hope for a peaceful upcoming year, and a touch of fear of the unknown. We had both lost daughters, so we knew what fear tastes like.

On this day, I reflect on my life and the lives of my children. They are now grown adults; two sons with wives and children of their own. My youngest daughter just beginning her life as a soon to be married woman. And grandchildren! The speed at which one reaches this stage in life is staggering.

I think about where I am today, and how far I’ve come from the fearful, I have no clue what I’m doing, woman raising four young kids. I think about all the learning that takes place as we live each day. It’s a beautiful thing, living intentionally, being aware, even change.

If nothing else, Jillian’s death has slapped my in the face with the knowledge that life happens, and it happens fast. And unless we take some action toward positive choices or changing the things we CAN control, we will be sitting on the sidelines wishing we had. You won’t find me there.

I have every intention of making 2020 a very good year. So, when you ask yourself, “Where do I think I’ll be next year?”, I hope that you can look back and say- I nailed it!

Happy New Year!



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