I’m Done.

So, I am done.

No, I’m not done with writing. Selfishly I admit, writing is cathartic. Another outlet, much like my running. Running from the crazies. Running toward, not running from. Well, sometimes running from. I need to write more often, because the written words on paper make me feel better. I hope my ramblings can touch someone who may feeling lost and alone. Because you aren’t alone. Not by a long shot.

So, as I sit with my head in my hands, tears streaming down my face, I wonder- how can we carry on? Well, we just do. We have to. Because there are people depending on us to keep the light burning. But, oh. How heavy the weight of the torch can feel at times.

Much like a chrysalis, I’ve been encased. I’m trying to emerge as something transformed, changed. Nothing like the monarch in it’s stunning beauty. Nothing so visual. But still, something different. A metamorphosis. I can feel it’s needling. I felt it at the DMB concert last week. An awakening.

In a world with so many outside forces pressing in, we become focused on the negative. We hear the noise in our news feed on social media, in the news on television. Family relationships cracked because of differences in opinion. Not enough tolerance for one another. Too much judgement. Not enough kindness. Too much noise and not enough love. The dark cloud can seep in and we are not even aware its there.

I believe we are capable of so much more. We are an incredible species. We are resilient and adaptable, and empathetic We have the ability to survive the storms, however that may look. We are strong. As I gazed upon the slivered moon last night, I was reminded once again that we are all living under the same sky, we are all sharing space in time. And it is good.

So as I begin to shed the hard shell of my chrysalis, I will focus on unfolding wings of humbleness, tolerance, and gratitude for those in the world around me. Our time here on Earth is short. Let it be filled with Love.



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