Toes in the Sand

The Christmas tree has been taken down and stored until next year. The outdoor lights are all packed away. The Christmas Villages have been carefully placed in their boxes and brought up to the attic. I’m not sad about it.

With all the activities and tasks associated with Christmas, I absolutely love this down time where I can reflect on the past year and make plans for the next. The holidays are crazy. Busy. Crazy. Hard.

Two years ago, my dear friend Sheryl and I spent a marvelous week in the Bahamas. It was that vacation that set the course for my life moving forward. We signed up for a 5K together and through training, I discovered the joy of running and fitness. Running has helped me deal with my grief, and I continue to learn about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. I’ve found my magic bullet. It’s created a new foundation for my future.

Bahamas 2018

Time. Each passing year I’m reminded of time. Time flies. Time heals. Time spent. Time away. Time for change.  For 2020, I want to be more mindful of time. So, instead of resolutions, I’d like to set goals for this year. A Timeline.

I have so many ideas swirling inside my head, it helps me to write them down. I have fitness/running goals. Nutrition goals. Fundraising goals. So, what does this year look like? I’m working on it.

January- Make a fitness and nutrition plan for running/ biking and cross training. Follow the plan as best I can.

February- Welcome my new granddaughter into the world!! Work on Fundraising for the Amway Riverbank 25K race in May and gather photos for the upcoming billboard for Melanoma Awareness Month.

March- Finalize Wedding plans for Jenni & Cody.

April- Decide on which marathon or race I’m going to participate in for the fall season.

May- 25K Race- Jenni and Cody’s Wedding!!!!

June- Training Begins for fall race.  MSU Gran Fondo 2020 Bike event with Logan.

July- Pull together Christmas donation idea in Jillian’s name for children at the hospital dealing with cancer during Christmas.



October- Race- unknown, at this time.


December- Donate

If you are needing an accountability partner to help you to stay motivated with goals of your own, I’d be happy to assist. Feel free to contact me through the contact area of the website, or PM me through Facebook.

One person can make a difference. But the first step starts with you. Make the time. Take the time. You’re worth it.



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